How can I resize a photograph without sacrificing quality in Photoshop?

I'll show you the two most effective. I'll show you how to scale the photo size in the first approach directly! Second, I'll use smart objects to enlarge our image into a document.

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I'm well aware that not all photo editing software is made equal — There are several methods to achieve this. Still, I'm using Photoshop, so I'll show you how to use Photoshop's AI to upscale images without sacrificing quality.

I'll demonstrate the two most effective methods. Within the first technique, I'll explain how to directly scale the size of the canvas you're currently working on!

In a second way, I'll utilize smart objects to rescale our picture into a giant document. With that in mind, let's open Photoshop and experiment with these various methods.

First Method:

It is the photograph that I'll use to demonstrate the procedures.

Source: Pexels

To change the size or resolution of our photo, all we have to do is go to Image and down here to Image size (Ctrl+Alt+I)

a new dialog box will appear here

where we can change the width and height of our photo and the resolution, and in this case, because I want to double the resolution.

I'm simply going to enter in 1900 pixels per inch and then confirm that Include Preserve Details 2.0 is selected, and that resample is set to automatic. Thus, despite its doubling in size, this will aid in preserving those subtleties.

From there, I'll click OK, and Photoshop will perform its magic. As you can see, the shot remains highly crisp and of excellent quality, just as it was before.

We doubled the resolution by increasing the pixels per inch setting; this is the simplest method for rescaling a photograph without sacrificing quality!

Second Method:

Let's talk about the second method it's called Smart Object Method:

This time, I'm going to illustrate the techniques using another photo.

First, I want to create a new document with a higher quality (5000 by a 3000-pixel picture at a 300 pixels per centimeter resolution) that is oriented differently from our present photo.

Now, I've replaced my original Image with a smart object.

What a smart object does is wrap your layer in a container so that you're never editing the layer directly; instead, you're editing the container. When you rescale the container, you're not changing the dimensions or anything else about the photo; instead, you're changing the container in which it's contained, ensuring that the photograph always retains its original high resolution.

Now, I will pick this layer with my move tool and click and drag it up and over into my new project.

After dragging, we can now resize it and place it inside our new document on a higher quality document with a bigger canvas size in a different orientation!

As you can see, there is no degradation in photo quality even though we have rescaled our Image and moved it to a higher resolution document with bigger canvas size and new orientation, all of which would normally degrade the Image's quality.

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